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United States in brief:

The United States is a multicultural nation, home to a wide variety of ethnic groups, traditions, and values. Its the third most populous nation in the world, after China and India. Visiting the US offers a historical view of a relatively young country. Its youth is marked by fun things to do in cities like, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York where theme parks, museums, College universities and entertainment are the top America tourist attractions.

Fact File

Country United States of America.
Capital City Washington D.C
National day 4th July (1776)
Suffrage 18 years of age; universal
Government type Federal constitutional republic
Currency Dollar
One USA Dollar (AUD) Rs48.3 Indian Rupee (INR)*
Country Codes +1
National Fauna Bald Eagle
Population 301,139,947 (July 2007 est.)
Area 9,826,630 SQ KM
Internet TLD .us .gov .mil .edu
Largest city New York City

Visa Application Procedure

The rules and regulations governing the entrance of all international students into the United States are complicated and should be properly looked into before applying for a visa.
Applicants should apply at the consular section of the American Embassy any working day. Documents required are :

    * Valid Passport
    * One Passport size photograph (Black and White or Colour)
    * A Non-immigrant Visa Application (Form 156) available from the Consular section.
    * Form I-20 executed by the authorizing official of institution concerned, signed by the  applicant.
    * Evidence of financial ability to cover the costs of the education and maintenance involved
    * Visa fee to be paid in Indian Rupees by Bank Draft

Expenses & Living Costs

University Type Average Tuition Fees (annual in U.S. Dollars)
Private Institutions (High Cost) $ 25,000
Private Institutions (Low Cost) $ 15,000
State Institutions (High Cost)$ 20,000
State Institutions (Low Cost)$ 10,000
Tution fee$ 5000 (minimum)

Living Expenses

The main expenses can be split up as:
Rent $ 400 per month (you can live alone with that amount in a place like Auburn
or share an apartment with 6 people in NY)
Groceries $ 100 per month
Utilities$ 100 per month
Phone$100 per month
Sundry $ 200 per month
So, about $1000 per month is a good estimation.
Most people can survive with  $700-$1000 a month.
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad

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