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Sweden in brief:

The country is the third-largest in Western Europe. More than half of the land is covered with forests. Sweden presents visitors with an embarrassment of riches, everything from sophisticated cities to medieval towns. Swedish is a fascinating and expressive language. It's a lovely place to visit, even if you don't speak Swedish (most Swedes are fluent in English). Come to see the beautiful cities, nature, water, the midnight sun (in the northern parts), and, of course, the smiling, friendly people.

Fact File

Country Kingdom of Sweden
Capital City Stockholm
National day 1 January 1975
Suffrage 18 years of age; universal and compulsory
Government type constitutional monarchy
Currency Swedish krona (SEK)
One Swedish krona (SEK) Rs6.08 Indian Rupee (INR)*
Country Codes +46
National Fauna Lion, Mountain Hare
Population 9,031,088 (July 2007 est.)
Area 449,964 SQ KM
Internet TLD .se
Official language Swedish
Largest city Stockholm

Benefits of education in Sweden:

The Swedish higher education system Institutions are free to structure courses and programs according to their own needs, but using a common credit system. This provides students a greater measure of control over their own education. Programs are structured and grants allocated in response to student demand. Higher education play a pivotal role in regional development. Universities and university colleges are spread all over the country.

Scholarships & Funding:

The Swedish Institute, a government agency, each year administers over 500 scholarships for students and researchers coming to Sweden to pursue their objectives at a Swedish university. The number of available scholarships varies from year to year, and competition is keen. Most foreign students in Sweden finance their stay without help from scholarships. There are several different kinds of SI scholarship available.

Expenses & Living Costs

Food SEK 2,000
AccommodationSEK 3,200
Local travelSEK 500
Telephone/internetSEK 300
Insurance, medical care and hygieneSEK 250
Student union feeSEK 60-70
Clothing, hobby/leisure,OtherSEK 750
TotalSEK 7,070, or about EUR 750.

You can find a part time job in the campus provided you are familiar with Swedish. Knowing Swedish is considered to be one of the basic qualification for now.

study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
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