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France in brief:

One of the most modern countries and a leader among European nations. It’s slightly less than twice the size of Colorado. The Largest West European nation pays high importance to preserve and develop its national culture harder than any other country in the world.  Perhaps the most striking feature of the French countryside is the sense of space and limestone hills. You can find cities with innovative museums and galleries.Renowned for its art and architecture and celebrated for its wine, cuisine and fashion, France is a cultural leader. France remains by far the most popular tourist destination in the world, with some 75 million visitors each year.

Fact File

Country French Republic
Capital City Paris
National day 14th July
Suffrage 18 years of age; universal
Government type Unitary semi-presidential republic.
Currency Euro
OneEuro (EUR) Rs63.2 Indian Rupee (INR)
Country Codes +33
National Fauna Gallic rooster (unofficial)
Population 59,329,691(est. 2000)
Area 547,030 SQ KM
Internet TLD .fr
Official language French
Largest city Paris

Benefits of education in France:

A study abroad program in France will not only give you an appreciation for French culture, but also a renewed appreciation for your own. In fact in 2006, France welcomed 265,000 international students that constituted 14% of its student population. The quality of education in France has developed a lot and the French government also supports this. Higher education in France has received a great admiration around the world for its excellent teachers and research. They inform and encourage all foreigners to study in France in all fields. It has bound to the ideals of liberty and equality, and learning.
In addition, French and foreign students have equal access to student benefits and face similar admission requirements. France is one of the forerunners of scientific and technological innovation.

Expenses & Living Costs:

France is cheaper compared to the US. In France, tuition fees vary from one institution to another and also between courses. At the universities, tuition fees vary from € 110 to € 750  per annum for a course leading to a national diploma. The tuition fee at "Competitive Universities" are approximately €  490 for public engineering schools. They vary from €  3600 to €  14,300 for private schools (engineering and business schools)

Accommodation expenses in towns, specially private lodgings, vary from € 300 to € 600 per month. In the university residence halls, the expenses vary from € 100 to € 150 per month. Food, transportation and pocket money would amount to between € 350 and € 500 per month. The cost of compulsory medical insurance is approximately €  130 to € 715 per year depending on the student's age.

study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad
study abroad

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