S.No Date Location Paper Type
1 23rd May HYDERABAD others
2 26th March HYDERABAD others
3 29th December HYDERABAD others
4 24th December ALLAHABAD others
5 27th September Vizag others
6 14th September INDORE others
7 30th July Guntur others
8 12th July mumbai others
9 5th July odalarevu others
10 30th June COIMBATORE others
11 16th June Bangalore others
12 16th June amarvati others
13 10th June Hyderabad others
14 12th May SONARPUR others
15 12th May INDORE others
16 17th April NOIDA others
17 12th April chennai others
18 9th April ALAHABAD others
19 19th March VISAKHAPATNAM others
20 10th March kochi others
21 10th March HYDERABAD others
22 10th February NOIDA others
23 5th February bopal others
24 16th December BANGALORE others
25 2nd December chennai others
26 25th November NELLORE others
27 25th November KAVALI others
28 30th October AMSHEDPUR others
29 30th October Bangalore others
30 28th October VISAKHAPATNAM others
31 4th October mumbai others
32 2nd September CHENNAI others
33 22nd August NOIDA others
34 20th August HYDERABAD others
35 20th August MADHURAI others
36 19th August DURGAPUR others
37 19th August HOOGHLY others
38 4th August PUNE others
39 22nd July NOIDA others
40 15th July MADHURAI others
41 14th July NOIDA others
42 8th July DELHI others
43 25th March kochi others
44 25th March HYDERABAD others
45 23rd February chennai others
46 20th August GHAZIABAD others
47 24th July mumbai others
48 21st May Hyderabad others
49 14th September LUCKNOW others

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