S.No Date Location Paper Type
1 24th September amarvati general
2 21st September Hyderabad general
3 20th July Hyderabad general
4 24th June amarvati general
5 18th June chennai general
6 4th June HYDERABAD general
7 14th May KOLKATA general
8 26th April MATHURA general
9 22nd April BANGALORE general
10 21st March SANGLI general
11 1st February BHUBANESWAR general
12 18th January GWALIOR general
13 17th January HYDERABAD general
14 13th January Hyderabad general
15 5th January VADODARA general
16 29th December bopal general
17 7th December BANGALORE general
18 2nd December mumbai general
19 30th November Vizag general
20 24th November KAVALI general
21 14th November HYDERABAD general
22 29th October HARYANA general
23 9th October HYDERABAD general
24 18th September CHITTOOR general
25 15th September BHUBANESWAR general
26 12th September HYDERABAD general
27 8th September mumbai general
28 8th September NELLORE general
29 28th August medak general
30 26th August VELLORE general
31 25th August Hyderabad general
32 22nd August HYDERABAD general
33 19th August HYDERABAD general
34 18th August Trivandrum general
35 10th August mysore general
36 7th August BANGALORE general
37 30th July HARYANA general
38 28th July HARYANA general
39 21st July BANGALORE general
40 21st July DURGAPUR general
41 17th July Hyderabad general
42 16th July PONDICHERY general
43 14th July Vizag general
44 8th July COIMBATORE general
45 7th July CHITTOOR general
46 7th July ANANTAPUR general
47 6th July Vijayawada general
48 4th July HYDERABAD general
49 30th June Bangalore general
50 23rd June Guntur general
51 17th June kochi general
52 13th June Hyderabad general
53 4th June BHUBANESWAR general
54 1st June Kolhapur general
55 27th May Vizag general
56 26th May CHITTOOR general
57 21st May HYDERABAD general
58 20th May mumbai general
59 19th May chennai general
60 14th May Hyderabad general
61 13th May GHAZIABAD general
62 13th May BANGALORE general
63 13th May delhi general
64 13th May delhi general
65 12th May AMSHEDPUR general
66 12th May WEST BENGAL general
67 8th May BANGALORE general
68 5th May medak general
69 2nd May chennai general
70 29th April KOLKATA general
71 28th April Hyderabad general
72 15th April ROURKELA general
73 15th April Hyderabad general
74 4th April Vizag general
75 4th April VISAKHAPATNAM general
76 30th March NELLORE general
77 25th March NOIDA general
78 23rd March INDORE general
79 17th March Hyderabad general
80 17th March CHITTOOR general
81 13th March HYDERABAD general
82 10th March GHAZIABAD general
83 6th March HYDERABAD general
84 3rd March KOCHI general
85 28th February RAJKOT general
86 24th February HYDERABAD general
87 24th February SONARPUR general
88 19th February NAGPUR general
89 16th February bopal general
90 11th February delhi general
91 11th February TRICHY general
92 3rd February KOLKATA general
93 27th January DURGAPUR general
94 27th December bopal general
95 23rd December HYDERABAD general
96 30th October Bangalore general
97 20th October mumbai general
98 30th September Hyderabad general
99 25th September GHAZIABAD general
100 22nd August NOIDA general
101 20th August HYDERABAD general
102 18th August HUBALLI general
103 17th August cochi general
104 16th August WEST BENGAL general
105 13th August HUBALLI general
106 11th August BURDWAN general
107 8th August delhi general
108 5th August DURGAPUR general
109 25th July FARIDABAD general
110 24th July BURDWAN general
111 15th July DURGAPUR general
112 14th July NOIDA general
113 8th July DELHI general
114 24th June VISAKHAPATNAM general
115 18th June GHAZIABAD general
116 9th June AMSHEDPUR general
117 27th May Guntur general
118 20th May Bangalore general
119 13th May HYDERABAD general
120 29th April HYDERABAD general
121 15th April AMSHEDPUR general
122 15th April HYDERABAD general
123 10th April WEST BENGAL general
124 18th March SONARPUR general
125 11th March COIMBATORE general
126 9th March BANGALORE general
127 29th January HYDERABAD general
128 20th January Bangalore general
129 12th November secundrabad general
130 26th September SONARPUR general
131 23rd July DEHRADUN general
132 3rd July AMSHEDPUR general
133 22nd May Hyderabad general
134 20th March AMSHEDPUR general
135 30th July HYDERABAD general

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