Speaking Skills

How to become a good Speaker – Tips to be a good Speaker

In the whole communication process, listening and speaking are the most important aspects. In today’s world, we have more and more opportunities to convey our thoughts to others rather than getting ideas from them. We need to talk to them very regularly. For this, you have to be a good speaker. The main perspective of a good speaker is getting an idea about the listeners’ mood and his attention to the topic being discussed.

Important Tips:
1. Proper eye contact
2. Good pronunciation and using polite words
3. Firstly, attract the listeners with your words and then let them have interest on the topic being discussed
4. Talk frankly and politely
5. A pleasant smile on your face makes every difference in listeners’ attention
6. Maintain average speed when you talk, don’t be too fast or too slow
7. If you are giving a public speech, be well-prepared
8. To make the topic or discussion interesting, use your spontaneity and crack some jokes and then guide the listener to that particular topic.
9. When you are reading something, be sure about the pauses

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