Listening Skills

How to become a good listener Ė 12 Tips for Listeners

Listening is the major aspect of communication. It is quite different from hearing. A good listener can understand what other are saying and can easily reply them in suitable manner. But when a person is good at speaking but very poor at listening then he might face many problems in his daily life and as well as in professional side. Besides these facts, you learn a lot from listening.

Even in relationship side, listening gives good impression for others on you. If you listen them carefully without interrupting them abruptly, then they feel that you are humble and accepting their words. To become a good and patient listener everyone needs sincere effort and lots of practice.

Follow the below steps to become a good listener:
1. Jump into other personís shoes
2. Be attentive towards the speaker
3. Silence is the fundamental step to become a good listener
4. Positive body language and pleasant gestures
5. Positive feedback from your side
6. Summarise and restate the speakerís thoughts in your words
7. Donít interrupt the speaker abruptly in between the conversation
8. Ask meaningful and encouraging questions
9. Wait until the person brings out his whole thought on the topic
10. Donít be hurry and donít interrupt the person at pauses
11. Avoid finishing the conversation when the person wants to talk more
12. Be polite even in rejecting or refusing or condemning any issue

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