Communication Skills

Communication is a process of interchange of thoughts, opinions or views or information by speech, writing or signs. Generally,communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another through any mode described above. Most preferred modes of communication processes are non-verbal, verbal and visual communications.

Communication process includes speaking, listening, writing and reading. Though, some people think that communication mainly deals with speaking, the major aspect of communication is listening. The list of percentages given below denotes the parts of communication process:
Listening - 45%
Speaking - 30%
Reading - 16%
Writing - 9%

Levels of Communication:

Verbal Communication Non-verbal Communication

Verbal Communication:

>Verbal communication mainly deals with speech and words. It is an important mode of communication processes. We express our views, opinions and thoughts to others by words. The power of words is mentioned in many renowned epics and scriptures. It helps us to make friends and to even break friendship with them.

Non- verbal communication:

>Non- verbal communication is an act of saying things without using voice or tone or words. It is restricted to particular geographical area. It includes facial gestures, body language and some other physical postures. Non-verbal things may differ from region to region. For instance, a sign of facial expression gives different indication in two different regions.

Types of Communication:

>Communication process is divided into many types based on the medium of the process. It is mainly classified into a couple of types - Verbal and non-verbal communication, technological and non-technological, mediated and non-mediated, and participatory and non - participatory communication processes.

Some other general types of communication: Intrapersonal Communication:

This type of communication implies individual reflection, contemplation and meditation. General examples for this process are - chanting prayers and some other religious rituals.

Interpersonal Communication:

This is direct face to face communication method that runs between two or more persons. It may be a dialogue or a conversation.

Mass Communication:

It is mainly given attention in modern times as mass media aspects. It deals with modern media tools like the print media (books, Newspapers and magazines), the electronic media (Television, Radio and internet) and the entertainment media (cinema).

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