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Why Campus Recruitment?
Campus Recruitment provides a platform for the organizations to meet the aspirants and pick up intelligent, committed youth who have the requisite enthusiasm and zeal to prove themselves. In order to find the right candidates,organizations employ various selection procedures. With the growth in IT/ITES industries, the need for talented and self-motivated young people who can work tirelessly has grown. So organizations do not confine themselves to only the select institutes but spread their net far and wide.Campus recruitment has also spread from professional colleges (like engineering) to colleges offering general degrees like B.Com, B.Sc, etc. Organizations seek to pickup the cream from different colleges. Hence, students from most good colleges now have a favourable chance to join a reputed organization without having to scrutinize diligently the 'wanted' columns. Organizations recruiting through campus selection include leading players like Infosys, T.C.S., Satyam. C.T.S. and Wipro.Now one also needs to understand why it is that corporates are beginning to lay a lot of emphasis on campus recruitment. In today’s world it is a war out there. A war to hire the right kind of talent. Capable and hardworking manpower is the best asset that any company can have.And the company that manages to hire and retain the right kind of talent can hope to best its rivals in the market place. Hence the importance of Campus Recruitment. It is easy for companies to reach a particular college and conduct recruitments there rather than reach out to a whole lot of individuals via newspapers etc. Now this trend is here to stay. It therefore makes a lot of sense to be thoroughly prepared for the Campus Recruitment by the companies.

The Selection Process:

The various stages of the selection process remain generally the same for these companies, with some slight variations. This could be in the form of an additional or fewer number of stages for some companies.The following are the stages that students normally go through as a part of
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