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Bio Engineering
(Article By Admin Tuesday, 24th November 2009)

Biomedical engineering or bioengineering is a discipline that integrates engineering principles with biology and medicine for human health and safety. In general words, biomedical engineers apply their engineering principles in clinical practice and biomedical instrumentation.

Generally, biomedical engineers design instruments and devices to cope up with the needs of healthcare field and research and obtain knowledge to develop advanced procedures. The recent advents in medical technology like artificial joints’ development, MRI, bioengineered skin, and the heart pacemaker and other cardiac diagnostic instruments are some important reasons for prospective career growth in biomedical engineering.        

Job Profile of Biomedical engineers:

  • Designing and constructing artificial organs and tissues
  • Designing and maintaining computer systems to monitor patients, astronauts and underwater divers.
  • Designing blood chemistry measuring equipment and devices for therapeutic uses.
  • Designing clinical laboratories by following proper safety techniques.
  • Accomplishing some other biomedical and technical engineering tasks.

Career Options for Biomedical engineers:
There is a wide scope for new employment opportunities in biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineers can be employed in institutes or laboratories or firms that deal with bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials, systems physiology, bioinformatics, and clinical engineering.

Major specialties in biomedical engineering:

Bioinstrumentation is the application of electronics principles to design and develop devices used in diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Biomechanics is the application of mechanics and its principles to design and develop artificial devices or organs that replace missed parts of the body. Development of artificial heart and heart valves has opened a new era in biomechanics field.

Biomaterials is the term used to describe both living tissue and materials used for implantation.

Systems Physiology:
Systems physiology deals with engineering techniques and tools that are used in bioengineering procedures.

Bioinformatics is the application of information technology to the filed of molecular biology.

Clinical Engineering:

Clinical engineering is the term used to state the application of engineering in developing healthcare facilities in hospitals. 

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