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Mechanical engineering
(Article By Admin Monday, 23rd November 2009)

Mechanical engineering is one of the largest and broadest disciplines. Mechanical engineers apply their technology in principles of energy, materials, and systems to design and manufacture all varieties of machines and devices. They design and create the systems or processes that drive the technology and industry.
Mechanical engineering principles are used in all fields of technology. Mechanical engineers can work in many types of industries either of public or private sector. Their profile varies from industry to industry and from company to company. Exponential growth in industrial sector is creating more jobs for mechanical engineers.

Mechanical engineers could work in the government sector at positions ranging from Junior Engineer to Chief Engineer. They can join several government departments such as Posts and Telegraphs, Public works, Central Public works, and defense. The companies related to power distribution, power plants, aeronautical, agriculture, automobile, chemical, biomedical, and railways and other transport systems employ mechanical engineers to design, develop and maintain their tools and systems.

Additional degree in management or law can fetch mechanical engineers several positions related to management, administration, and finance and intellectual property. The graduates who are interested in teaching and research may also opt for career in academics, research, and analysis. They could also obtain careers in technical sales and marketing.

The companies which are involved in heat transfer, thermo dynamics, and fluid mechanics have a wide scope to accommodate mechanical engineers. Robotics is another new discipline within mechanics which run by the application of Mechatronics. Mechatroncis is an emerging platform in engineering and science which is an integrated application of mechanics, electronics, computing, control engineering, and molecular engineering. Rapidly growing gaming and entertainment industry can hire mechanical engineers for their projects related to robotics, design, and animation.

Agricultural sector is an another career avenue for mechanical engineers as they can join in companies involved in design and manufacturing of oil engine, tractors, water systems and other new agricultural equipments.

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