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Chemical Engineering Careers
(Article By Admin Tuesday, 8th December 2009)

Chemical engineering is one of the major fields of engineering. In general, chemical engineering is application of engineering in chemical analytics and evaluation. It has become popular since the chemical revolution in the industry.
Job profile of Chemical engineers:
Chemical engineers mainly deal with design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes. They also associate with operators in converting unprocessed material into useful forms that are utilized for various purposes. During these chemical processes, waste material is removed and the purified and refined material is captured.
Chemical engineers’ work involves the invention, design, development, operation and management or maintenance of process. They are considered as multitasking manpower as they combine and accomplish the work of chemists, industrial engineers and electrical engineers. Chemical engineering is the best career opportunity for those who have interest in dealing with chemicals.
Though, chemical engineering is different from chemical technology, both fields are very much associated to each other. But, as per definition, and roles and responsibilities, chemical technologists totally work on chemical processing whereas chemical engineers work on both the applications of engineering and chemical processing.
Career Opportunities for Chemical engineers:
Chemical engineers have a wide range of career opportunities as they closely related with several branches like biotechnology, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology, mineral processing etc. This established branch of technology, chemical engineering, is used in various fields such as petrochemicals, oil refineries, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, leather and textile industries etc.
Mainly chemical engineers can be placed in companies related to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, polymers, plastics, bioengineering, waste management, paper manufacturing, steel manufacturing, petrochemicals, oil and leather refineries, and textiles.
Chemical engineers also have fair choices to opt careers in government sector. There are number of petrochemicals, oil and natural gas agencies, chemical and other related industries in government sector who can able to hire efficient chemical engineers. Teaching and academics is another broad sector in chemical engineering field which can provide a prospective career growth to enthusiastic graduates. Those who have additional educational qualifications like diploma in management or administration can also get managerial or administrative positions.
Major employers for chemical engineers in India are - Tata Chemicals, Hindustan Organic, GHCL, HCL, BDL, etc.

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