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Marketing Careers for MBA Graduates
(Article By Admin Saturday, 5th December 2009)

Marketing is a huge field with vast career opportunities and extensive career stability for MBA graduates with marketing specialization. They can be employed as marketing executives, marketing managers, market research analysts, market research managers, brand managers, branding analyst, sales managers, public relations manager, and corporate communications manager.

Business development, market research, online and direct advertising are emerging categories in marketing management area. Customer relationship management and corporate communications are also added to the list of revolutionary categories in this area. Blooming Indian retail sector has been strategically placed in a great position towards listing out more thousands of employment opportunities for MBA marketing people. It has opened doors to several new avenues like brand management and direct sales advertising.          

Market Research Analyst or Market Research Manager:
Market Research Analyst, often known as Market Research Manager, is responsible to do extensive market research, strategic branding, marketing policy making, effective advertising, and efficient marketing communication. Market research analysts analyze a product’s current position and forecast its market capture and sales growth. Today, market research analysts are very important for any company to launch a product in the market and to analyze its market.

Marketing Executives or Marketing Managers:
Marketing executives or marketing managers are responsible for relationship with existing customers and for sales promotion in the market to attract new customers. This is the basic position in the market to establish branding for a product or a service. Good communications skills and nice etiquette can fetch the best for marketing managers.

Product Managers or Brand Managers:
Product or brand manager is responsible for increasing sales and brand value of a product or service. In general words, product manager is considered as the owner of the specific product or service. Brand manager takes help from market research analysts and collectively bring good results out of the product.

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