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Major Engineering Career paths
(Article By Admin Saturday, 21st November 2009)

As a whole there are five major career paths for engineering students or professionals – industry, consulting, government, academic, or Internet. Here are small descriptions for all career paths that engineers may follow.

  1. Industry career path
  2. Consulting career path
  3. Government career path
  4. Academic career path
  5. Internet career path
  6. Other career paths


The Industry Career Path for Engineers:
The first and foremost career path for engineers is industry. The industry has undergone major changes in this decade and now many manufacturing, designing, researching and developing factories have become hi-tech workplaces. The companies have various positions where the efficient engineers can fit in. Today, industry is providing good scope to engineers in terms of their personal and professional growth. The other major areas of industry as per engineers’ career interests are – accounting and finance, information systems, administration and maintenance, marketing and sales and other technical or professional services.
The companies can lead engineers into executive positions where they can enjoy high profile of lifestyle and status. The engineers who are not only skillful in engineering processes but also in business side, can even get good positions like project manager, plant manager, operations manager, vice president, president or chief executive officer.

The Consulting Career Path for Engineers:
Consulting is the second career path for engineers. In this type of career path, engineers work for firms that are hired by other firms to perform engineering, designing, or management tasks. After their job done they move to some other companies to perform their tasks.
For example: Your city want wanted to construct flyover bridges, officials hired a company which has full-fledged civil engineering manpower. The engineers of the company completed the construction of the bridge and moved to other city or place where they have their further project.
The major engineering fields in which consulting career path is popular are – civil engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, and information and systems engineering.

The Government Career Path for Engineers:
Central, state and local governments are fantastic employers. Defense division of Indian government employs a wide range of engineers for both civilian and non-civilian positions throughout the nation as well as various other nations. BHEL and BEL are major employers for electrical, mechanical and electronics engineers. BDL, BP, HP, IBP and NMDC are excellent employers for environmental, chemical and biomedical engineers. DRDO, DRDL, and HAL are some major companies in Indian government sector to hire electrical, electronics, mechanical, and information and systems engineers.
Civil services sector is another government body in which engineers can fine their bright career.

The Academic and Research Career Path for Engineers:
This is the fourth career path where engineers can upgrade their skills in teaching or research. Some engineers who are interested in teaching opt academics career path. They pursue their higher studies or obtain career in teaching just after their completion of B.Tech course. Some pursue M.Tech or PhD with this ambition.
Indian government conduct some entrance exams where the students can join prominent institutes of India to enter into research filed. GATE and NET are some renowned exams in this category. NIT, IIT, IIIT, IICT and CSIR are some popular institutes to pursue M.Tech and PhD. courses.

The Internet Career Path for Engineers:
Internet has opened a new career avenue for graduating engineers. The growing Internet and all related sectors have been growing exponentially since the beginning of the 21st century. Internet was developed by engineers and continues to provide good opportunities for engineering graduates. Whether the graduates are efficient electrical engineers, software engineers or industrial engineers and computer scientists, they have every potential to get strong hold on their Internet careers.
Some of the major employers in internet sector for engineers are – General Electric, Google, Microsoft, TCS, Amazon and Cognizant.

Other Career Paths for Engineers:
Many engineering graduates pursue some other courses like Medicine or Law in order to better their career path and career opportunities. Post Graduate Diploma, or other diplomas offer professional growth as well as educational growth for engineers.             

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