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Author Name: Sweta Rai

About The Author
Sweta Rai is currently doing her B.Tech(Biotech)from Vellore Institute of Technology and is in her third year.

Telengana-New state
I have been seeing the news about the Telangana and Andhra separation as a different state in Andhra Pradesh. I really worried what's that happening over there. Who is this hell guy KCR thinking of a separate Telangana. He is injecting poison in entire AP like any thing. Why this hell guys needs separation. When he wants justice to be given to Telangana guys its just a matter of taking only Telangana ppl for the positions in Telangana. If he is talking of any projects, I see that the government is taking very much initiation to bring up those areas. I never saw any where in Andhra region government taking many projects. Naturally since the Andhra region is close to the Sea, the agriculture there went well and the people are bit wealthy. That's the natural resource that got benefited to Andhra. None of the government has brought that resource to Andhra. Telangana is a drought place. To bring that to par like other places we need to work hard and since we are getting more funds from Andhra region, we have to take them and invest them in the Telangana region. Leaving this, KCR and co is fighting back to have a separate Telangana. Where from he will be getting the funds to develop that place? Where from he will be getting the water? Once the Telangana is separated, Andhra will never allow water to those areas and where from then he will bring the water. I really worried by the way this KCR is making AP a blooded place. For the cheap politics, and the thirsty of position, he is making the whole AP poisonous. Do you guys really think we need the separation?? We guys need to fight back against those devil politicians. We are united and we need to bring our state to a great level. For every problem if we start splitting the state, then we will surely end up with districts as states in the future. When the problem comes we all need to be united and fight for what we needed. I sincerely think the government is striving hard to bring Telangana region to a good position and surely that will not happen with immediate effect.

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