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iam pursuing B.tech(4yr) in the stream of information technology from MAHESHWRARA INST OF TECHNOLOGY.

WHY WE NEED SEPARETE STATE AS TELANAGANA?? following reasons are shows the need of a separate state..... 1)EDUCATION... In telangana region only we have 4 universities but in telangana region having 10 districts...in rayalaseema it has only 4 districts...but rayalaseema have 4 universities....here we have2 observe hw the govt showing partiality on Telangana... 2)PROJECTS: Actually Telangana have many projects like Nagarjun sagar,Sreeram sagar project...but Telangana agriculture is so much backward due to lack of water...Becouse our water is moving aside into Andhra and Rayalaseemaa.... 3)UNEMPLOYEMENT: In this we have to know about 610G.O *Acording to this G.O non-telangana employees have to leave from here.... THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION IS TO GIVE SEPARATE STATE AS TELANAGANA like this so many reasons arises to have separate state telangana

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